S T R A N G E R S   A T   H O M E
10 Afghan women, fighting for equal rights

Strangers At Home explores the fight for equal rights of Afghan women. Although new legislation ensures Afghan women
quasi equal rights, the reality is these new laws are not enforced. The new government has allowed women to speak up for
their rights and even take part in the political process. There are an increasing number of women who are fighting for gender
equality by any means, especially in larger cities. Women are appearing more frequently in male dominated professions.
The new Afghan Parliament consists of 27% women and over 300 women ran for office. All of these women are subjected to
abuse both physical and emotional, and even worse they are often the target of violent attacks.

I aspire, through my work, to show Afghanistan in another light. An Afghanistan with strong women who are changing
their  country little by little, underneath the Burka, in the face of death.
My project will explore the lives of ten Afghan women who are fighting for equal rights for their gender. Whether through
politics, education, or any other means these women risk their lives daily to correct the archaic social hierarchy of their
country. Their courage, persistence, and fearlessness must be recognized.

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